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ONE LEFT! "Familiars & Companions" February 2017 FanMail Box


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This box will NOT include the Bookstr notebook and bookmark and has consequently been reduced in price from $25 to $22. Everything else will be included. For full spoilers visit

In our favorite books, movies and TV shows, it’s often the familiars and companions who accompany, guide and protect our heroes and heroines who capture our hearts and imagination. They are a source of comfort and joy, encouraging our heroes when hope is lost, advising them on difficult decisions and guiding them to safety.

Featuring some of our favorite BFFs, sidekicks, and partners from Star Wars, Fantastic Beasts, Doctor Who, Pokemon, and more, this mystery box will help you fill out a holiday shopping list for yourself or the fans in your life!

Picture by @bookhoarderproblems on Instagram!