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We are ending our bi-monthly FanMail subscription box...because we will be curating Charmed: Box of Shadows!

When we started FanMail, we started with the same central missions we hold today:
-To support other small businesses run by women and folx with marginalized identities.
-To create unique fandom items that are also fun and useable!
-To find a community that loves fandoms and fangirling just as much as our team.

Since 2015, FanMail has supported more than 100 different small businesses. We’ve created more than 200 unique fandom items and shipped thousands of boxes to fangirls around the world. All of this is a testament to YOU. You chose to invest in us as a small business and to help make our dream to support other creators come true.

We are SO excited to embark upon this journey with a team and a fandom that are aligned with the missions of our small business.

Charmed: Box of Shadows will focus on the classic Charmed that we know and love, and we cannot wait to share what we’ve been working on with you!

xo, Rose and Jenny


I am a current subscriber. Will I be charged for and receive any more FanMail boxes?
You will not be charged for your FanMail subscription anymore and will not receive any more boxes. No renewals will go through on your card, and no action has to be taken by you at all! If you missed the August “High School Hijinks” box, we have some up in the shop now!

Will FanMail still be curating Limited Edition boxes?
Limited Edition boxes are here to stay! While we will no longer be curating the FanMail bi-monthly subscription, we are excited to be able to continue our FanMail Presents/FanMail Favorites limited edition boxes!

We have the Wildcard box available for pre-order now, with 2-3 to be announced and released through the end of 2018 (Harry Potter fans, we’re comin’ at you!).

How can I purchase Limited Edition boxes?

Your customer account will stay active on this site. Since we will be releasing a few Limited Edition boxes throughout the year, you can use your current account to purchase those boxes. They are not a subscription – every purchase will be a one-time purchase through the shop.

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FanMail is one of the best fandom-centric subscription boxes you’ll ever come across. No matter what fandoms you’re a part of, FanMail truly has something for everyone. (And then some.)



FanMail is the ONLY box that has never disappointed me. When other boxes are full of cheap trinkets and always male audience based, FanMail is there. There hasn't been a single thing in any box since they sent out the first one that I haven't liked. Keep up the good work over there! I hope to be a subscriber for my entire life.



I subscribe to several nerdy boxes, and I can honestly say that the FanMail box is consistently my favorite. Some of the others are too concerned with sending out a bunch of branded items and I’m glad you guys have stayed true to real fans!