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FanMail Favorites Round 2: Buffy/Angel



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Product Description

Greetings from Sunnydale! The Scooby Gang's all here in this ONE-TIME limited edition Buffy/Angel FanMail mystery box, featuring a long sold-out action figure, a rare prototype figure, trading cards, some readables, a limited edition art print, some rare music, and much more, including a 1:10 chance to win a poster signed by a Buffy cast member. Nearly $150 worth of Scooby goodies are packed in this $85 gift box.

Our limited edition FanMail Favorites boxes are designed for fans of individual pop culture brands and make wonderful one-stop gifts for the fan in your life. These mystery boxes will be the perfect giftie for your geek girl or boy (or for you).

If it's a gift you're giving, please choose the gift option (checkbox on the checkout page!) and fill in the recipient's address as the shipping address for the box and we'll get it directly to them! You can also fill in a gift message for them, and we’ll include the message in their box!

These boxes are MUCH bigger than our typical month-to-month boxes, and we are subject to pricing through USPS. We understand that shipping prices are much more expensive (especially for international customers).

SPOILER ALERT: You can check our Past Boxes page to see what was in the Buffy/Angel box!
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