June Box Theme: Anniversary

June marks the 1-year anniversary of this amazing adventure that all you lovely, lovely people have taken with us here at FanMail. We feel blessed to have been able to continue to create FanMail boxes each month, and to have connected with an ever-growing fangirl community!

We want to use our anniversary box to take a moment to celebrate our favorite fandoms, but this month we also want to celebrate and thank our subscribers, the badass women that we’ve been so privileged to work with to create items for our boxes, and also our family and friends, without whom our little business would not function.

This box will include items from Merlin, Daredevil, Harry Potter, X-Men, and more!

How It Works:

A mystery box filled with fandom, just for you!

FanMail isn't just about collecting; it's about connecting to your fandoms and showing off the things that you're passionate about and sharing that experience with the rest of the FanMail community!

When you sign up for FanMail, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected products and presents. Each month's mystery box will have a theme, announced around the first of the month. Then, the amazing items inside your FanMail box will be shipped straight to your door during the last week of the month!

Every month, we aim to support at least one small business run by women in our boxes. When you subscribe to FanMail, you not only get to celebrate your inner fangirl, but also get to support other women who are out there doing awesome things!

Each month's FanMail box has a guaranteed retail value of more than $50!

What our subscribers are saying:

"FanMail is one of the best fandom-centric subscription boxes you’ll ever come across. No matter what fandoms you’re a part of, FanMail truly has something for everyone. (And then some.)"

- Hypable

"I subscribe to several nerdy boxes, and I can honestly say that the FanMail box is consistently my favorite. Some of the others are too concerned with sending out a bunch of branded items and I’m glad you guys have stayed true to real fans!"


"I have been trying out all of the geek subscription boxes for about a year now. Some have been pretty great and others have been something of a flop. FanMail is the ONLY box that has never disappointed me. When other boxes are full of cheap trinkets and always male audience based, FanMail is there. There hasn't been a single thing in any box since they sent out the first one that I haven't liked. Keep up the good work over there! I hope to be a subscriber for my entire life."


"I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I subscribe to a lot of subscription boxes. Although I enjoy them all...Fan Mail is consistently at the top of my list. Everything is thoughtfully chosen, and the focus isn't on 'collectibles' like so many other similar products. I think the thing I love the best is that you don't often skim the surface of a theme, you go for the deep cuts and introduce me to so many new and awesome fandoms....I didn't think I'd find something that fit all my interests but here you are! It makes my month."


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